Organizational development, renewal, and traction

An organization is like a living dynamic organism, with its own will

Organizations are like intricate machineries, in which all the gears need to fit together. At the same time, organizations are like living dynamic organisms, with their own will, defense mechanisms, and a long memory.

This organism can either work with you as a leader, or it can choose to work against you. Within an organization, there are constant negotiations on all levels about what is right and what is wrong. According to Scandinavian working culture, employees know themselves what is best for the organization and they expect a great portion of independence in structuring their work.

Leading change requires deep knowledge about organizations

For an organization to grow and reach its full potential, it needs to have a deep understanding of how organizations function. Revitalization, renewal, and innovation are paramount to an organization, for it to adapt, face its challenges, and seize emerging opportunities.

Loid Consulting facilitates processes, in which we help you use the tensions and ambiguities inherent in your organization, and transform them into purposeful action. All to create the traction needed to move your organization forward, towards your visions and targets.

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