Skill brand company

A long-term sustainable communication strategy

After its IPO, a company with an innovative product had met a decline in stock value. The company needed additional capital and wanted to work towards a long-term sustainable increase in stock value.

We helped them develop a long-term sustainable communication strategy aimed at the capital market, lenders, and other investors as well as key customer segments. This was done by building a multi-faceted skill brand with select elements of attraction and power branding. The main challenge was to capture the substantial technological complexity and understand how even small differences in customer context can have large implications for the appreciation of our client’s product.

Further, internal expectations concerning product features and preferred customer structure were not coherent within the organization. Different departments, the management team, and the board had entirely different and incompatible views on how to move the organization forward, a situation not too uncommon that effectively puts a halt to a company’s ambition.

Working systematically and purposefully with the company’s branding towards the capital market and key customer segments required us to identify and prioritize different target groups’ acceptance criteria and needs. This enabled developing target group specific offerings and choosing the appropriate channels of communication for maximum impact. Furthermore, we used this work process to align the vast differences concerning the future development of the company.

The building of the company’s skill brand made it possible to simultaneously work with creating a shared vision of the future and focus the capabilities of the organization on effective product and market development.