International technology company

The process paved the way for new leadership within the company

Our client had production and development in multiple locations in Sweden as well as production in Asia. Due to rapid growth, the company had trouble with an increasing workload for management functions. The client needed more employees outside of management to take on responsibility and show initiative.

The hope was that this would lead to the development of new leadership within the organization. At the same time, the goal was also to make it possible to delegate divisions to competent middle management.

Rapid growth had resulted in complexity and ambiguity in the organization, where some employees felt a sense of not knowing their purpose. They also felt insecure at times, and therefore wanted even more support from the management.

This had resulted in a vicious circle. The CEO had turned to consultants outside the company and got the usual advice; define clear roles, create common values etc. However, the price pressure on the market was high, and the company needed to maintain the existing flexibility in order to be profitable.

Our solution for this situation was a discovery-driven learning process, in which we supported staff and management. The goal was to develop strategies for operating the organization, to strengthen mutual understanding between staff and management, and to increase the staff’s disposition to take initiative and responsibility. After this process, new leadership was able to come forth from within the organization.