Influential public organization

The new marketing management avoided getting in conflict with the highly specialized experts

Loid Consulting assisted an influential public organization, which had set its targets to

  • strengthen its position among its clients
  • increase its market share in the current market segment
  • find new markets. 

Management wanted to increase output from the highly skilled and specialized staff, and to encourage them to partake in product development and to reach new clientele. Management also wanted to increase focus on the commercial aspects.

The new marketing director, who had been appointed to realize these intentions saw an obvious risk of getting in conflict with the highly specialized experts who constituted the backbone of the company. To evade the feared clashes, the marketing director turned to Loid Consulting in order to find a way to reach their ambitious goals, without risking potential conflict during the process.

A structured discovery process was designed, in which the workplace was supported and given a frame of reference. The goal was to bring forth solutions and ideas on how to move the organization forward in the desired direction, and to elude obstructions and incapacitating conflicts on the way.

The results included the creation of arenas for creative solutions, and new ways of working with product development, in which larger parts of staff were included.

Specific monitoring tools were created in order to evaluate the performance of these new efforts. All in all, the project increased commercial awareness and customer focus, as well as created a stronger dialogue and trust within the organization.