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Commercial law firm managed to tailor its offering to different customer segments

We helped a law firm achieve its ambitious goals with skill branding. The secret was finding new principles for customer segmentation and developing tailored, trust-inspiring communication methods for each segment.

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The new marketing management avoided getting in conflict with the highly specialized experts

The new marketing management threatened to come into conflict with the old experts. We created new tools and processes so that the management could implement its goals without resistance in the organization.

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The process paved the way for new leadership within the company

With our help, a growing technology company was able to identify the employees who were motivated and suitable to take on more responsibility. During the process, these employees were guided towards positions with greater responsibility.

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We helped carry out an expansion strategy aimed at acquisitioning small firms

A large organization had an ambitious expansion strategy, aimed at acquisitioning small firms. The plan was not received well by the incorporated firms. We helped make clear the importance of transforming the power inherent in the local businesses into expansion and collaboration, instead of pushing them to accept a new and in many ways uncertain vision.

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A long-term sustainable communication strategy

After its IPO, a company with an innovative product had met a decline in stock value. The company needed additional capital and wanted to work towards a long-term sustainable increase in stock value. We helped them develop a long-term sustainable communication strategy.

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