About us

Employees’ thoughts and actions form the company’s real strategy and values

Our starting point is that organizations and companies are inherently based on social activities and interactions between people. What the organization’s members think and what they actually do determines its true strategy, values, and processes – regardless of what the management says.

Therefore, we focus on discovery-driven and co-creative processes where management, middle managers, and employees come together to create their future. The source of inspiration for our tools has been the knowledge of the most successful and insightful organizations, researchers, and philosophers.

Excessive hierarchies create confusion

We believe that it is essential to combine an analytical perspective on strategy with the fact that work and professional identity are among the central parts of people’s lives. That is why we are convinced that an overly hierarchical management often creates confusion and major disadvantages for both the individual and the organization.

We at Loid Consulting conduct research in management control, organizational development, and organizational fitness. In addition, we have developed the groundbreaking concept of skill branding in order to help companies with complex products with their brand strategy.

Our work is based on modern research

We have extensive experience in organizational development and reform, strategy development, brand development, and executive coaching. As predictable and self-evident as it may sound, we are dedicated to helping you develop and improve your organization and to strengthening your leadership as well as the internal structures of your company. And we are proud to see that happen.

Our efforts and investment in our clients are always accompanied by wholehearted commitment and support. We believe in creating an energizing and action-oriented environment to help you achieve your vision. At the same time, we base our work on modern research – and often also contribute to it.

Loid Consulting develops and helps with solutions for: